Makeup for 'Mature Skin'

We are all up for the latest trends in fashion and makeup, but not all trends suit every age. Here is a common question I’ve had over my 10 years of experience as a makeup artist, “What type of makeup products should I use as I get older?”

Here are my tips for your everyday makeup that will help you today and in 10 years’ time!

  1. Prep your skin. Think of your skin as a canvas you are going to paint on. Doesn’t matter how much you spend in makeup products, if your skin is dry and flaky, there is no way you can make your products look good. Prep your skin by using SPF1 plus moisturizer and a really good primer2. Massaging these products with your CBT Beauty Tools will plump the skin and boost a natural glow that will reflect throughout any product you layer on top.
  2. Keep it simple. Yes, less is more. Before you go ahead and apply your layer of foundation, my recommendation is to try a BB cream to even out your skin tone. If it is an every day wear there is no need for foundation to cover up everything, but if you do like a full coverage, choose a foundation that is hydrating with an illuminating finish. Avoid dry matte foundations, as the appearance of fine lines can be minimized just with hydration.
  3. Powder and wrinkles DO NOT get along. Powder products will accentuate your fine lines and any dehydration you might have. Layer your skin’s youthful look by using cream-based products for your blush and eyeshadow. I recommend for your finishing best to opt for an invisible finishing powder to set your makeup instead of a fixing spray.

BE CONFIDENT in your canvas painting. If something did not work, it doesn’t matter you will get it right! You just have to keep practicing. And remember blush will always and forever be your best friend as you get wiser 😉