I am sure we have all now seen a Tik Tok video or a Reel with the Gua Sha technique. But what exactly is it that this beauty tool does? Here are some benefits and misconceptions regarding this ancient Chinese technique.

First of all, you need to know that this technique wasn’t originally only for your face, and it hasn’t always been made out of crystal stones.

Along with acupuncture, the Gua Sha comes hand to hand as an ancient Chinese medicine. This method was originally practiced with a household instrument: spoon, coins or a bamboo board dipped in water, mixed with liquor or sesame oil to help it’s scrapping function.


Gua Sha causes body injuries because it breaks your blood vessels. MYTH. What Gua Sha does to your skin is causes a burst in tiny blood vessels near the surface of your skin called capillaries and that creates red spots or bruising. This does not cause body injuries, quite the opposite it promotes the detoxing of your blood while improving local microcirculation.


Sculpts and contours your face. TRUTH. Although this one is only a temporary effect. The strokes that are used during the Gua Sha technique does have a temporary facial lift to your skin. So, it is a great way to start your makeup routine for your daily placebo boost!


Gua Sha is painful. MYTH. Gua Sha should not cause any pain when it is used correctly. Make sure you have applied oil prior to scrapping. It should be performed in a calm and relaxed manner; this is why it is so important to prioritize your time. The use of your Gua Sha should be a firm and slow stroke. Remember the narrower the angle from the Gua Sha towards your face the slower you should carry out your technique, and remember just to stroke up to five times each area.


De-Puffs your skin and assists with lymphatic drainage. TRUTH. This is a great benefit from Gua Sha. If you skin is feeling and looking dull it might be because fluid has started to build up in your lymphatic system. The Gua Sha technique helps this skin issue and the bonus is that it relaxes your muscles at the same time. Hello new youthful skin!


Face rolling and Gua Sha scrapping works on so many levels, from stimulating the blood flow to a natural face lift. There is a reason why it has been a health and beauty secret for centuries! Now no longer a secret.